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What Would Cause Human Behavior To Change To Save Future?

Bottom Line: Unless global and immediate positive change in human behavior, highly unlikely that human behavior will change sufficient or soon enough to ensure a surviving and thriving future for humans, other creatures and Earth.

  • To generate type, magnitude/amount and direction of human behavior sufficient to ensure survival and possibly achieve thriving, there would need to be a global catastrophe (or the intensely felt threat of one) of enormous magnitude such that it would ensure sufficient positive human behavior. But it can’t be so enormous as to prevent sufficient positive human behavior, that is, not so enormous that it effectively disables the human species or effectively kills the human species.
  • Catastrophes of that size might be global nuclear war, global conventional war (e.g. WWII), untreatable bacteria or virus, large asteroid, or global warming or cooling in less than a decade.
  • Even with a global catastrophe, humans are more likely to address that single issue and then revert as much as they can to previous behavior. Consider human behavior after previous world wars (e.g. WWI, WWII) and worldwide disease outbreaks (e.g. bubonic plague, HIV, flu, cholera).
  • Not clear what would be human behavior after large asteroid impact or major invasion by non-earth intelligent life. Both have often been subject of science fiction speculation.









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