Thrive! – Building A Thriving Future for All Forever

To achieve thriving future, what will you do? Example: To achieve thriving future [for all forever], we (Thrive!) created and lead “Thrive! – All Thrive Forever” and the “Thrive! Endeavor”.

New – death rattle  – Thrive! sculpture by GChris. 

2′ x 2′ metal mobile

Message – as earth loses more and more of its vital oxygen, earth’s oxygen-breathing creatures slowly suffocate. the death of the oxygen-producing trees. one living tree remains as last hope or final reminder. the foreboding death rattle is first heard, becomes more pronounced and then is gone. silence. death. early extinction of oxygen-breathing creatures, including the human species.

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New – importance of being “it” – Thrive! sculpture by GChris. 

2′ x 3′ metal mobile

Message – facing the challenge of referencing gender in humans and animals, terms “she” and “he” are becoming less useful. gender is becoming more difficult to apply for people we don’t know well and for animals without gender specific characteristics. we may just want to embrace the neutral term “it” and fully acknowledge the importance of being “it”.

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New – “first people” – Thrive! sculpture by GChris. 


3′ x 3′ metal mobile

Message: all first people, the first to discover and nurture a new world, should be respected and thriving across time.

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About Thrive!®

Thrive! – All Thrive Forever - Vision and aspiration of a thriving future forever for all (family/friends, communities, countries, world).
Thrive! Endeavor - Mission and actions to build a thriving future for all forever.
Founder -
Gary "Chris" Christopherson


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