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To achieve thriving future, what will you do? Example: To achieve thriving future [for all forever], we (Thrive!) created and lead “Thrive! – All Thrive Forever” and the “Thrive! Endeavor”.

New GChris Sculptures on the Future: Extinction! – Failure to Thrive & Thrive! – Escape from Extinction

Two new GChris sculptures with two extremely different visions of Earth’s future. Linked to two new science fiction books –  Extinction! – Failure to Thrive and Thrive! – Escape from Extinction, both available from

Extinction - Failure to Thrive 062217

Since beginning of the universe, we have observed many worlds. Many have thrived throughout their existence. Many continue to thrive. Some fail to thrive.

This is the story of one that failed. One that failed by its own actions. This is the story of the human species. This is the story of Earth.

This is the failure to thrive. This is extinction.

Thrive! - Escape from Extinction 2 070817

Since universe’s beginning, some worlds stand at the edge of extinction.

This is the story of Earth. Of humans. Their fear of extinction.

Their endeavor to escape extinction. The Thrive! Endeavor.

To escape extinction. To all thrive forever.

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Thrive! – All Thrive Forever - Vision and aspiration of a thriving future forever for all (family/friends, communities, countries, world).
Thrive! Endeavor - Mission and actions to build a thriving future for all forever.
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