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First People Thriving Health System

Achieving healthy and thriving First People and communities everywhere. In First People lives, if they survive birth, only two things are sure about their health. They are born. They die. Everything else varies from person to person and over a person’s lifetime.

Better than their current “health system”, a First People Thriving Health System gives them their best chance to be healthy throughout their lifetime. Having a First People Thriving Health System for their communities ensures they are healthier and potentially thriving people in a healthier and potentially thriving community.

A First Person Thriving Health System has persons and communities at the center. At the center is the person and the person’s Primary Health Support surrounded by all needed and wanted Health Support. It adjusts when locations, time, person, and community change. It takes into account all of personal and community characteristics and all of health and well-being. It understands personal and community environment and its impact on health and well-being. It understands and uses the full range of health and thriving support to improve and sustain health and well-being. It connects all of these, with information and other support, into a fully integrated and supportive system for persons and communities. Most importantly, it recognizes the uniqueness of First People culture, healing traditions and health issues. It recognizes that a First People Thriving Health System must be owned by First People and must provide the Health Support that will be accepted by and effective for First People.

First people and we can and should build and sustain First People Thriving Health Systems for all First People everywhere. We can and should achieve substantially healthier First People and First People communities. All First People everywhere deserve and should expect nothing less.

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