Thrive! – Building A Thriving Future for All Forever

To achieve thriving future, what will you do? Example: To achieve thriving future [for all forever], we (Thrive!) created and lead “Thrive! – All Thrive Forever” and the “Thrive! Endeavor”.

Xtinct – Universal Justice for Earth. Illustrated science fiction book

Xtinct – Universal Justice for Earth. Illustrated science fiction book available @ and

In the past, Shepherd and black box came to Earth. The mission was to build a better, thriving future for Earth and all its creatures. Shepherd had friends Taj and Jason committed to and helping achieve the mission.

After many struggles, many commitments were made by Earth’s most capable species, humans. Some progress was made via a global Thrive! Endeavor.

But no longer. Now Earth is on path to early extinction. Earth and all its creatures face early extinction.

Humans are the primary cause. Earth’s humans are behaving badly. Humans are failing badly.

Even worse, humans are now an emerging threat to other worlds. Humans are reaching further beyond Earth. They desire colonizing another planet like Mars.

Because of bad human behavior, Earth must now face universal justice.

But what will be universal justice for Earth? May be extinction for part or all of Earth. May be extinction only for Earth’s offending species, humans.

The Decider, the universe’s powerful judge, makes preliminary decision of early human extinction. Xtinct, powerful holder of a black box, will make final decision for Earth.

The end or not the end?Xtinct - front cover v2 040618

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