Thrive! – Building A Thriving Future for All Forever

To achieve thriving future, what will you do? Example: To achieve thriving future [for all forever], we (Thrive!) created and lead “Thrive! – All Thrive Forever” and the “Thrive! Endeavor”.

Nonpartisan Commitment to America’s Vulnerable.

Action! – First, we need to get more people back to work in productive and rewarding work as soon as possible. Second, we need to make and keep health care affordable without sacrificing quality and access. Both are feasible if we have the will. America’s leaders need to make a nonpartisan commitment to make that happen and now.
Alert! – We are impaled on the horns of a dilemma. As a caring nation, we need to provide health insurance to America’s disabled and poor and near poor. Medicaid has long been a foundation. The new health reform law will provide some long overdue relief as well. But we cannot afford to bankrupt the States. Keeping their and America’s people healthy includes Medicaid but is more than Medicaid. Also needed are jobs, income, housing, food, and education. To a greater or lesser extent, States play a vital role on and need resources for these as well.

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